The HIV & Maternal Health Hub

Co-Chairs: Azza Karam, UNFPA; Sally Smith, UNAIDS, Christo Greyling, Word Vision International; & Julie Clague, University of Glasgow

Retired in 2015

Focus area: Evidence for the activity and impact of Local Faith Communities on HIV/AIDS and Maternal Health, with special attention to Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of Aids (PMTCT) and to the role of skilled birth attendants.

  • Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of AIDS significantly lowers the incidence of the disease among children, and shown benefits for the mothers as well.
  • Use of Skilled Birth Attendants decreases maternal mortality.

Learning Hub members worked together with co-authors Ann Smith and Jo Kaybryn to develop a survey of what is already known about how faith groups impact maternal health, with specific reference to these two indicators.

HIV and Maternal Health: Faith Groups’ Activities Contributions and Impact. December 2012.

  • including executive summary and extended bibliography


The following Hub Resource page will be updated periodically: