Ahimsa – Global Health, Social Entrepreneurship and Faith- inspired Communities

International meeting on Global Health, Social Entrepreneurship and Faith Inspired Communities hosted by Ahimsa in Annecy France
The goals of the Ahimsa Forum conferences are to instigate change and implement innovative global health projects that are accessible to the poor and to create an international network of communities.
JLI represented by Jean Duff. Jean spoke in the first session on Health for All and distinct assets faith communities offer.

Satellite Session on June 30

Engagement Of Faith-Inspired Communities In Local And National Health System Governance 

Objectives of the session

Engage a discussion with and among faith-inspired communities and faith-based organizations on the governance capacities and the changing roles of ministries of health in the 21st Century.

The session will seek to respond to the following questions:

  1. How do faith-based organizations see the role of the ministry of health in the country: what do they expect from the ministry of health and are these expectations fulfilled? Why?
  1. How do faith-based organizations position themselves with regard the ministry of health in the country? What are the opportunities for collaboration and dialogue and what are the challenges?
  1. How can faith-based organizations best play their role in health systems governance? Should they use their position to voice specific concerns? What obstacles do they face in this action?


  • Maryam Bigdeli, Health System Adviser at the Department of Health System Governance and Financing at WHO
  • Gerard Schmets, Coordinator of the Health Systems Governance, Policies and Aid Effectiveness Unit at WHO

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